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Professional History

Attorney Eric L. Zeiger graduated in 1987 from the University of Toledo with an undergraduate degree in finance and a law degree in December of 1990. He has been a licensed attorney since May of 1991 after passing the February 1991 Ohio Bar Exam on his first attempt.
After years of being a minority owner in a family sales business and other sales positions, and part time legal work, Attorney Zeiger decided to pursue his legal career full time. In 2008 he committed to a full time legal practice, focusing on family law (divorce and custody), probate (estate administration), real estate transactions as well as misdemeanor criminal and traffic cases. 
Since the inception of his practice he has successfully completed well over 750 divorce cases and was named “top ten divorce attorneys in northwest Ohio” by the professional referral organization thumbtack. The legal services company AVVO shows top 5 star reviews from well over 95% of his clients who were inclined to review Attorney Zeiger's advice and their eventual case result.    

Personal History 

Eric is the youngest of 4 boys and has a younger sister. He went to Whitmer high school and graduated in 1980 as a member of the Spanish Honorary Society and the National Honor Society. He is an avid golfer and was a member of the 1979-80 Whitmer Golf Team that competed at the state championship in Columbus Ohio. His brush with greatness occurred while playing on the first day of the state finals against Mark Armstrong son of Neil Armstrong, (the first man on the moon), who was attending and walked with Mr. Zeiger's parents for the entire golf match.

Attorney Zeiger maintains “there are few activities, hobbies or games greater than golf that affords people to meet and establish friendships with others through a common interest, which otherwise would most likely not occur. I have met the first man on the moon, the editor and publisher of golf magazine, baseball stars Johnny Bench, Joe Oliver, Barry Larkin, the CEO of Southwestern Bell, the owner of all the Florida Cadillac dealerships, and his wife, an Associated Press White House correspondent for 7 presidents, as well as some of my closest friends, all because of golf. The effect on my life has been invaluable.”